What’s your Favorite Chocolate Recipe?

Over the past few months, I have written this blog solely based off of what my favorite chocolate recipes are. With this blog being all about my taste preference, I decided to go ask a few students on the Colorado State University campus what their favorite chocolate recipes were and why they liked them.

I talked to a group of students enjoying their Friday afternoon over a couple of beers at the Ramskeller. The “Skeller” is an on campus bar that is located in the basement of the student center at CSU. I figured there would be some chocolate lovers down there, because who doesn’t love beer and/or chocolate?

The first person I discussed a love for chocolate with was a CSU graduate who was here visiting his friends. Luke Seeber graduated CSU with a Civil Engineering degree in 2012 and is an advocate chocolate lover. When asked what his favorite chocolate recipe was, his eyes opened wide and with a smile on his face he told me about the Golden Graham s’mores bars that his mother makes for their holiday parties. “It’s all the fun in a s’more although not as messy, and more delicious, and less work because my mom makes them,” Seeber explained. This recipe can be found online however, Seeber’s mother doesn’t follow the directions of the recipe exactly. She adds another layer of chocolate on top of the original recipe.

After seeing how a traditional recipe can bring to bring so much joy to a grown man, I then discussed another recipe with a woman sitting next to Seeber. Lizzy Cooper is a current student at CSU studying Fine Art. She explained how her favorite chocolate recipe is these chocolate peanut butter cookies that she made in her Home economics class in the seventh grade. The interesting part about these cookies is they do not require an oven. Cooper explains them as, “mixing all of the ingredients together, then plopping the mixture in little balls on wax paper and waiting until they harden.” These dollops of chocolate and peanut butter make great snacks for parties as well and Cooper still continues to make them today.

Lastly, I discussed with Danielle Burger what her favorite chocolate recipe is. Burger is currently studying Communications at CSU and is about to graduate this May. Her favorite chocolate recipe is something her grandma makes for her every time she goes to visit; chocolate covered popcorn. “I could sit in my grandmother’s kitchen and eat chocolate covered popcorn for days,” Burger said. She claims she can’t make the popcorn herself. This treat is special to her due to the fact that she only gets to enjoy it every once in a while with her grandmother.

All of these treats sound delicious. I’m sure the recipes found online are not as good as the stories above, but here are some links to creating a base of what could become your new favorite treat.

Golden Grahams S’mores Recipe:


Chocolate Peanut Butter No Bake Cookies:


Chocolate Covered Popcorn:



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